The Balam Jungle Estates (“BJE”) is situated in the southeast corner of the Corozal District, just south of where the Yucatan Peninsula greets the Caribbean Sea.  Both the Northern and Southern Bulkhead areas are located on the property and the coastal waters offshore are often referred to as part of the “Belizean Riviera.”

We offer over 36,000 acres of land for sale, spanning from lush tropical hardwood forests to over 10 miles of beautiful Caribbean beachfront. We welcome you to discover a remarkable place where paradise is yours to create.

Property Overview

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Property Maps

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The property can be verified in the Government of Belize’s Land Registery, located in the nation’s capital, Belmopan. The Registration Section is: Shipstern / Bulkhead. The registered Proprietor is Julian Castillo of 5859 Seashore Drive, Buttonwood Bay Area, Belize City, Belize